Biodegradable and Reusable Diapers + Organic Baby Clothing at Crianza Natural


Crianza Natural is a Spanish company whose aim is to diffuse natural principles about child conception, care and development. In their website (in Spanish) they have all sorts of advice and articles about pregnancy, lactation, and early stimulation, and a wide variety of reusable and biodegradable diapers and female protection. They also have some organic cotton baby clothing and accesories.At their online store they offer 70% biodegradable Nature Boy & Girl diapers made from corn fibre for € 12.50 (28 diapers bag); BabyKicks Hemparoo hemp reusable diapers for € 8, and organic cotton bodies and t-shirts starting at € 6.
Nature 100% biodegradable female pads are € 3 the 25 pack; and Fuzzi Bunz reusable cotton pads, with changeable multiple layers filling and an impermeable covering, € 24 each set of three. Check them out for more products and prices. ::Crianza Natural (in Spanish) or ::Download Crianza Natural Catalogue

Note: A reader wrote back to us claiming the biodegradable diapers are available in the United States, at independent grocers and some Whole Foods stores.
Thanks Jack for the tip!