Billie Jean King Serves A GreenSlam


Tennis is not something you see everyday here on TreeHugger. Okay, so we've had recycled tennis balls used for sound proofing in schools, old style tennis shoes made with hemp, and tennis stars as 'ambassadors' for the Global Water Foundation charity. But by-and-large its not a common occurrence. Revered tennis legend, Billy Jean King, would like to change that. On 28 August 2007 she launched an eco-sports initiative called GreenSlam, with the statement, "I'm challenging myself — the industry of sports, professional athletes and fans, to take positive action to help counter the negative effects of climate change. It's simple, if the billions of people who live and love sports take just one single step — we can help win back our planet." Though curiously GreenSlam's first project seems to be adopt-a-highway litter campaign, which is a just tad removed from the global warming issue.

However once the game gets underway, the program hopes to form a counsel of "greening experts" to establish GreenSlam 'standards' that might apply to sporting venues, events and products. "Ultimately, we hope to establish a Green Dream Team comprised of various global companies and launch an eco-friendly line of sporting goods equipment, apparel, shoes and accessories under the GreenSlam seal of approval," King added. As she went on to observe that other sports leagues, including Baseball and US Football were already establishing green programs that tennis could learn from. ::GreenSlam, via media release.

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