Bill Nye Schools Bill O'Reilly in Climate Change (Video)


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I thought Bill Nye was awesome when I was a kid, and he's still awesome now. Take this video clip, for example, in which the onetime (and always!) Science Guy keeps a cool head while explaining the science behind global warming to Bill O'Reilly and the frantic TV meteorologist/denier shill Joe Bastardi:

To O'Reilly's credit, he respects Nye's time, and allows him to effectively communicate his case. I like how, in the context of the network's full lineup, he now frequently appears to be a voice of reason on Fox News.

Anyhow, these are good points that Nye makes, and a few useful ways to consider the content of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere with the Venus example and inky water. He's also right about the recent 'cooling' trend touted by so many non-science types. Since 1998 was so exceptionally hot, many climate action opponents use it to obscure the fact that subsequent years, while not all as hot as '98, have shown a definite warming trend throughout the 2000s. They falsely claim a 'cooling trend' occurred, when, in fact, the 00s were found to be the hottest decade on record by a number of scientific institutions, including the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA.

By the way, Bill Nye sure does have a thing for bow ties, doesn't he?

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