Bill Nye Goes to the Bathroom in "Stuff Happens" Premiere

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Back when we were tooting our own collective Discovery Communications horn about the launch of the first TV channel dedicated to green living, Planet Green, we gave you a brief glimpse of the new series Stuff Happens. Now that the start of the 13-part series is drawing closer, here’s a bit more about what you’ll be seeing.

Bill Nye Shows Us Where Our Stuff Comes From, And Where It Goes
Hosted by perennial TreeHugger favorite Bill Nye, Stuff Happens will delve into the secrets of the everyday things around us that we take for granted: What goes into making them, what goes into us when we use them, and what are some unintended environmental consequences associated with them.
Episode One: The Bathroom
In the premiere episode, Nye explores the private porcelain palace called the bathroom. Some of the stuff that happens there may be unmentionable, but it all has an environmental impact—an impact we can reduce in painless ways that could make a big difference.

Nye tackles everything from toothpaste (does it endanger orangutans in Borneo?), to cosmetics (how many pounds of chemicals does your skin absorb over a lifetime of using cosmetics?), to toilets (what kinds of "super bugs" are growing in our municipal water systems due to flushing old prescription drugs down the toilet?)

Series Starts Tuesday, September 2, 9PM ET
Tune in for the series premier of Stuff Happens on Tuesday, September 2 at 9PM Eastern to see if Bill Nye can save the planet from the peril of sludge. Then tune in weekly at the same time, Tuesdays, 9PM Eastern, to see what other product life-cycle journeys Nye takes us on, and what simple changes we can all make to reduce the environmental impact of the things we love.

Don’t know if Planet Green is available in your area? Go to the Planet Green Channel Finder, type in your zip code, and away you go.

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