Bill Nye Explains BP's Containment Effort & Its Many Risks (Video)


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Most can be forgiven for having long since given up on keeping track of the technical details of BP's various containment efforts: All the junk shots or top hats or containment domes or gerbil blasts or what have you. But it's time to start paying attention again, since this latest attempt has the highest chance of success yet -- though it comes with some pretty serious risks. Thankfully, CNN enlisted the aid of Bill Nye (he of the Science Guy fame -- as if you had to be told) to explain what exactly is going on at the spill source, and why there are plenty of reasons to be afraid that the latest attempt to stop it might not work. Video after the jump.

Bill Nye certainly has a knack for explaining complicated feats and phenomena in layman's terms -- his frank explanations of climate change are some of the best and to-the-point seen on national TV. Here, he explains how due to the immense pressure at those depths, sealing the leaking valves could lead to a rupture further below.

Also interesting is the possibility that there have been other ruptures far below those leaking valves, and there may already be mass seepage. Finally, it's nice to see a prop on national TV that could pass for a second grade science project -- it's a step up from CNN's holograms and flying charts, if you ask me.

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