Bill McKibben to Speak at Bristol Schumacher Conference 2008

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The UK green community is getting very excited about the imminent arrival of the always inspiring Bill McKibben on our shores. McKibben is without doubt one of TreeHugger's favourite writers and one of the most influential and passionate voices on sustainability that we have today. McKibben will attend the Schumacher Conference 2008 in Bristol on October 11th as the keynote speaker.

The conference is titled: Less is More: Can we Really Live Better by Consuming Less? McKibben will be talking about his 350 campaign and 'The Quest for Human Satisfacation'. Alongside him will be the formidable Jonathon Porritt chairing the event and others speakers include Rob Hopkins of Transition Towns and Solitaire Townsend of Futerra. Click over the page to find out how you can attend.Schumacher Lectures
The Schumacher Lecture series has involved some important environmental leaders over the years including Herbert Girardet, George Monbiot, Ezio Manzini and Tim Smit. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Fritz Schumacher’s death, therefore the 2008 conference has been designed as a big celebration of the power of positive change. The organisers tell us it is, "Not so much a ‘line-up of Lecturers’ as a great sharing of new ideas from passionate advocates for change, outspoken controversialists and a dozen leading practitioners – the people making change happen on the ground now."

Who was E.F. Schumacher?
Fritz Schumacher is known as the inventor of "Buddhist economics" and appropriate technologies. Working in Burma as an economic consultant in the 1950s he developed the belief that "good work was essential for proper human development and that 'production from local resources for local needs is the most rational way of economic life.'" He wrote several books including Small Is Beautiful (1973), Good Work and A Guide for the Perplexed.

What is the Schumacher Circle?
The Schumacher Circle in a group of organisations in the UK that have been inspired by Schumacher's vision. These include, amongst others, Schumacher UK, the organisers of the conference; Schumacher College, whose short courses we have recently written about; Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT); Soil Association.

To book a place at the Schumacher Conference 2008 you can buy a ticket online.

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