Bill McKibben Says It's Time to "Step It Up" Again!


Did you attend Step It Up back in April? Many of us TreeHuggers did and because of its success, Bill McKibben has announced that he'll be organizing another for this coming November 3rd. But he can't do it without the help of all of us. The follow-up event will aim to lobby politicians to pass meaningful legislation to regulate emissions of greenhouse gases. And yes, the date is exactly one year before the next election. "We'll find out who the real leaders are," the Step It Up website says. Within our communities, McKibben asks people to organize rallies to take place in some spot that commemorates great leaders of the past. McKibben says, "People have already committed to climbing New Hampshire's Mt. Washington and gathering in Chicago's Lincoln Park. Others will gather at the Rhode Island church where John F. Kennedy was married (hey, that's only a few blocks from where I live!), or in front of a site honoring Navajo elder and activist Roberta Blackgoat. But we need hundreds more, gatherings in places that bear the names of national leaders or of locally celebrated men and women who did the right thing in a moment of great need." We encourage you to get involved in your local community, to become a leader, and to tell Congress to Step It Up! ::Step It Up 2007