Bill McKibben on Colbert Report + 5 more Enviro Media Posts of the week

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This week environmental activism met political satire as the founder of, Bill McKibben braved the rapier wit of Stephen Colbert on live television and emerged virtually unscathed, or rather in McKibben's own tweeted words, "survived with at least 40% of my dignity intact." Well done Bill! TH Blog Love takes the comedic momentum and jogs around the blogosphere to find some more great green media stories of the week.Ecorazzi: Obama’s Grandmother Gets A Solar Upgrade, New Roof by Michael d'Estries
"Remember last fall when Barack Obama’s Kenyan step-grandmother was dealing with thieves attempting to steal her solar panels? The technology was a gift to her from an airline executive who wanted the 86-year-old to be able to watch her grandson’s historic election."

Grist: Bill McKibben talks climate on Colbert Report by Jonathan Hiskes
"Bill McKibben—author, Grist board member, and leader—appeared on The Colbert Report Monday night to talk climate change and spread the word about the International Day of Climate Action on Oct. 24."

Huffington Post: WATCH: Chevron's Ecuador Problem Forces Andy Rooney to Drop the H-Bomb...Something He Really, Really, Hates to Do by Paul Paz y Miño "We love Andy Rooney and he gets mad at a lot of things (like iPhones or Ali G). But now he turns his anger at sleazy lawyers, sleazy journalists, and one of the world's sleaziest corporations."

New York Times: More Fake Letters to Congress on Energy Bill by Stephanie Strom
"Congressional investigators have uncovered five more letters sent to members of Congress that falsely claimed to be from charities expressing opposition to climate change legislation. The new letters bring to nine the number of nonprofit organizations whose identities were appropriated by Bonner & Associates."

The Guardian: Tony Blair: 'We can't ask people not to own cars' by Jonathan Watts
"Car ownership cannot be sacrificed in the fight against climate change, Tony Blair said today in Beijing, despite a projected tripling of traffic in China over the next decade. In a report forecasting 150m cars on China's roads, which will produce a fifth of global exhaust emissions by 2020, the former UK prime minister said it was impractical to expect governments to curb sales."

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