Bill Clinton Denied Tesla Roadster Ride by Secret Services

bill clinton tesla roadster electric car photo

"President Clinton announced he was eager to take the Roadster for a ride"
On President Day, Bill Clinton was at a luncheon moderated by Paul Hawken in the only LEED platinum-certified airplane hangar in the world in Burbank, California, to discuss how "clean technology and "green collar" jobs could kick-start our sputtering economy." The 42nd president of the US expressed interest in taking the Tesla Roadster electric car that was there for a ride around the block, but...
bill clinton tesla roadster electric car photo

From Jeremy Snyder on Tesla's blog:

President Clinton spoke eloquently of how responsible businesses must use technology to save both the economy and the environment. He even singled out Tesla — several times, in fact — as a shining example of the green tech movement. Tesla, he said, enables people to upgrade their lifestyle but reduce their carbon footprint. I was very proud to say the least!

During lunch, President Clinton announced he was eager to take the Roadster for a ride around the block. After the event, while others crowded around to take photos, I handed the keys to America's 42nd president and urged him to join other world leaders in test-driving the coolest car on the planet. Unfortunately, at that very moment the secret service told him he had to depart.

I do, however, have a feeling President Clinton will be taking us up on our open invitation!

It's very possible that the secret service had a secure perimeter inside and around the hangar, but not all the way around the block...

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