Bikes to Fight Crime? A Lance Armstrong Story...


Remember kids, you don't need a ginormous SUV like Batman to fight crime. The Enquirer reports that seven time winner of the Tour de France Lance Armstrong used his bike to play super-hero. "The supercyclist was biking with a pal near the beach in Santa Monica, when a mugger pushed down a woman and sprinted off with her purse. Who knew they even had muggers in Santa Monica? Lance reportedly turned around, raced after the scruffy bad guy and bumped him to the turf with a crafty front-wheel whack. The reports says Lance snagged the purse from the sprawled perp, who reportedly then beat feet and ran off. The report then claims that Armstrong cycled the snatched satchel back to its owner and resumed his recreational ride." Bikes: 1 Muggers: 0 ::Lance uses bike to foil crime?, ::Lance Armstrong Foils Mugger in California, via ::Cyclelicious


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