Big Oil Holds Take Your Kid to Work Day (Video)

big oil climate bill image

Image credit: League of Conservation Voters

While some folks may have been shouting loudly into their webcams about a climate conspiracy cooked up by Wall Street or Al Gore, the rest of us suspected that much more money was coming from the fossil fuel lobby to scupper any climate legislation. Now the league of Conservation Voters has taken a fictional look inside the fossil fuel lobby, as Big Oil celebrates "take your kid to work" day.OK, I'm not sure it's the most cutting or insightful satire I've ever seen, but it's kind of amusing. And the message that each and every voter opposed to the dirty tricks of Big Oil should step up and email their Senators to demand action on climate change is undoubtedly an important one. Between Exxon's massive spending on lobbying and Clean Coal's weird carolers, heaven knows it would be nice if the rest of us had our voices heard.

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