Big Ideas for a Small Planet - the Wear Episode


[Whoa, something went wrong with this posting and it somehow missed its timeslot. Sorry.] Sundance Channel’s Big Ideas for a Small Planet for its fourth installment (out of 13 total) moves through terrain very familiar to long term TreeHugger readers. Three regular visitors to our pixel space now get some TV time. Linda Loudermilk is an unlikely eco-activist. Instead of chaining herself to bulldozers she has taken her environmental convictions to the catwalks of high fashion. Patagonia’s apparel serves the other end of the spectrum, outdoor clothing for getting sweaty and grimy in. (Learn how they recycle old underwear into new long johns.) Swap-o-rama-rama doesn’t care where your clothes have been, just so long as you find a new home for them after they’ve satisfied your needs. Sundance’s The Green website has sneek peek clips. You can track down the previous episodes of ‘Fuel’, ‘Build’, and ‘Cities’ on Apples iTunes Store, from a link on the Big Ideas page. Or skoot over to the online Your Guide for Greener Living for other clothing living tips. But there is something very new . Our video mavern, Simran Sethi, will be hosting a online green clothing forum, via Second Life. Dress up as your best avatar and attend a virtual Q&A; seminar, without even buying a bus ticket. No RSVP required, but the virtual doors open at 10pm tonight EST and 7pm PST. Still not sated with all this talk and vid on eco-threads? Boy. you are hard to please. Drop by the The Green Blog to see clips of Carson Kressley and Ali Hewson discuss how your purchasing choices in clothing can make for a better planet. ::Big Ideas for a Small Planet.

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