Big Ideas For a Small Planet - The Sports episode


Only a couple of episodes left in this inspiring 13 part series, so it’s definitely time for some play. A little rest and recreation, maybe. However world champion skier, Alison Gannett, is concerned she might see the demise of local snow in her lifetime, so she launched a Globally Cooling Tour. Craig Calfee designs competition grade bicycles made from a grass stronger than steel - bamboo, a material also employed by Comet Skateboards, who build their boards in a solar powered factory. See these action-inducing stories tonight on Sundance Channel’s Big Ideas for a Small Planet . As you’ll observe when you click through that link (or the one below, this is just one of myriad happenings as part of Sundance’s The Green website. Sneak peek clips. podcasts, green living guides, blogs, Simran Sethi’s Second Life virtual seminars, an ‘eco-mmunity help round out this significant offering. And there is bucketloads more too. Be sure to visit — ::Big Ideas for a Small Planet.

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