Big Ideas For a Small Planet - The Pray episode


Aaawh, its the final episode of this 13 part series. In the previous dozen, the program has shown how we can make a difference, and despite the title of tonight’s ep, it’s not about relinquishing our responsibilities to a higher power. It is still very much about taking action ourselves. GreenFaith’s Reverend Fletcher Harper ministers with an interfaith coalition for the environment, who mobilise people of diverse spiritual backgrounds to deepen their relationship with the sacred in nature and restore the environment for future generations. Judy Bonds, coal miner’s daughter and director of Coal River Mountain Watch, together with Allen Johnson from Christians for the Mountains, describe how their faith helps them protect the Appalachians from mining destruction. Eternal Reefs (see here and here) mix a loved one’s ashes into concrete spheres, which in turn form artificial reefs supporting endangered marine ecosystems. See these faith inspired, human scale stories tonight on Sundance Channel’s Big Ideas for a Small Planet . As you’ll observe when you click through that link (or the one below, this is just one of myriad happenings as part of Sundance’s The Green website. Sneak peek clips. podcasts, green living guides, blogs, Simran Sethi’s Second Life virtual seminars, an ‘eco-mmunity help round out this significant offering. And there is bucketloads more too. Be sure to visit — ::Big Ideas for a Small Planet.

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