Big Ideas For a Small Planet - The Paper or Plastic episode


The United States Postal Service delivers 212 billion pieces of mail annually. Jay Bolus, is helping the USPS reduce their' environmental footprint by eliminating toxic inks, adhesives, and coatings from their packaging, as well as introducing soy-based envelopes. Each year Americans throw away 25,000 million styrofoam cups every year. Cereplast is hoping to move them to biodegradable utensils of plastic produced from corn and potato starch. The Ford Model U designed by Dr. Gerhard Schmidt from Ford, in conjunction with McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry of "cradle to cradle" fame is almost CO2 free, 25% more fuel efficient than a gasoline vehicle and 100% recyclable or biodegradable. See these inspiring stories tonight on Sundance Channel's Big Ideas for a Small Planet . As you'll observe when you click through that link (or the one below), this is just one of myriad happenings, as part of Sundance's The Green website. Sneak peek clips. podcasts, green living guides, blogs, Simran Sethi's Second Life virtual seminars, an 'eco-mmunity help round out this significant offering. And there is bucketloads more too. Be sure to visit — ::Big Ideas for a Small Planet.

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