Big Ideas for a Small Planet: The Eat Episode


Feeling a little peckish? For our fifth episode we tempt the taste buds with a visit to the Blue Velvet Restaurant in California, where we savour their organic 'slow food' menu and eco-decor, before heading to Kansas for a Local Burger, made from beef, buffalo, elk, pork, turkey, tofu or veggie sourced from within 100 miles of the cafe. Then it's to New Jersey to check out the world's most powerful organic fertilizer - worm "poo" packaged in recycled bottles even. Yep, Sundance Channel's Big Ideas for a Small Planet program will, with this episode, be over one third of the way through the full 13 episodes. So don't miss any. Sundance's The Green website has sneek peek clips. You can track down the previous episodes of 'Fuel', 'Build', 'Cities' and 'Wear', on Apple's iTunes Store, from a link on the Big Ideas page. Or skoot wander by the online Your Guide for Greener Living for other sustainable eating tips. We assume that, as she as for the past episodes, our motion picture meister, Simran Sethi, will continue to host a online green forum, via Second Life. So pull on your virtual little black dress or your jeans and T, 'cos the digital doors open at 10pm tonight EST and 7pm PST. Need more to quell your appetite? Drop by the The Green Blog to learn all about farmers' markets, and meat farming! Something for the good, bad and the hungry. ::Big Ideas for a Small Planet.

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