Big Ideas For a Small Planet - The Create episode


Subhankar Banerjee, as a photographer, has been documenting the biodiversity and the indigenous cultures of the controversial Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to prompt legislators to deal responsibly with the issues of global warming and oil extraction. Artist Alyce Santoro raises the spectre of technotrash by recycling audio-tape and creating a material called Sonic Fabric, which has been made in to fashion garments and sculptural sails. Staying with the suplture theme we visit architect David Hertz of Syndesis, who is designing a home from a salvaged Jumbo Jet. All stories you'll see tonight (right now as we post!) on Sundance Channel’s Big Ideas for a Small Planet . As you’ll observe when you click through that link (or the one below, this is just one of myriad happenings as part of Sundance’s The Green website. Sneak peek clips. podcasts, green living guides, blogs, Simran Sethi’s Second Life virtual seminars, an ‘eco-mmunity help round out this significant offering. And there is bucketloads more too. Be sure to visit — ::Big Ideas for a Small Planet.

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