Big Ideas for a Small Planet - the Cities Episode


Sundance Channel’s Big Ideas for a Small Planet builds up a head of steam as it moves onto its third episode, as of tonight (Tues 01 May 2007) taking on the topic of ‘Cities’. We take a tour with Dennis Wilde, whom with fellow developers, is turning 130 acres of a former industrial brown field site in Portland, Oregon, into the largest, sustainable urban re-development project in the nation. After which we visit Trey Taylor of Verdant Power as he submerges 15-ft. turbines 30 feet below the surface of New York City’s East River, so they might generate electricity via the river’s current. Then it’s back to Portland, where eco-activist Heather Flores and her band of guerilla gardeners transform an abandoned plot of land into a green haven for local use. Sundance’s The Green website has sneek peek clips, plus you can access the previous episodes on ‘Fuel’ and ‘Build’, via Apples iTunes Store, from a link all on the same page. Or skoot over to the online Your Guide for Greener Living for some other city living tips. ::Big Ideas for a Small Planet.

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