Big Ben is Re-Built of Straw

big ben

Image from Snugburys

Big Ben, the famous clock at Britain's Houses of Parliament, has shown up in a cornfield. Rre-created from more than 500 bales of straw, the 70 ft. sculpture weighs over 20 tons and has a working clock . And it can be recycled when it is taken down after Christmas.

What is happening here? It turns out that the local ice cream company, Snugburys, has created the clock to commemorate the creation of the original Big Ben 150 years ago. They are even selling Big Ben shaped ice cream cones to celebrate the occasion.


Images from Snugburys

Apparently the small ice cream company has a glorious history of straw sculptures created to honour important occasions. In 2007 they celebrated fifty years of the dawn of the space age by re-constructing the Lovell telescope. That was called "the dish of the day."


Then there was the Snugnik rocket in 2006. A windmill, the Olympic Cone and the Cone-Wealth Games have also been memorialised.


The piece de resistance was the Millenium Wheel in 2006. It's all in good fun, and the money goes to a charity for kids. : Snugburys .

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