Bid to Save the Earth Auction Now Open, Celebrities Bottling their Own Water, and More

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Image: A Bid to Save the Earth

For the second year in a row, environmental organizations and sustainably minded celebrities are joining forces for Bid to Save the Earth, which includes a green auction at Christie's, an online auction at, and a Runway to Green fashion show from designers around the world. The Christie's auction is scheduled for March 29, but the online auction, which runs through April 7, allows supporters to bid on experiences and items that include a flight with Conservation International's Harrison Ford, eco-tourism trips around the world, and the chance to meet Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga. Last year's auction raised more than $2.4 million, which supported the Central Park Conservancy, Conservation International, Oceana, and the NRDC.

Emma Watson and Alberta Ferretti's New Line: Available This Week

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Photo: Alberta Ferretti

Ready to stock your spring wardrobe? On March 21, Pure Threads, the capsule collection from Emma Watson and Alberta Ferretti, will be available on the designer's website, The collection includes a maxi skirt, denim shorts, two dresses, and a shirt, all with a "classic Jane Birkin vibe" and made from natural fibers, including cotton and hemp. Sales proceeds benefit People Tree (with whom Watson designed her previous clothing collections). "I believe this is a big step forward for all of the international fashion industry, but also an important step for an increased sensitivity to the problem of ecology," said the actress.

Sip with Taylor, Rihanna, and Others

Screenshot: UNICEF's Celebrity Tap campaign combines the modern obsessions with A-listers and bottled water to help provide clean water to children in need -- and this time, they've enlisted Adrian Grenier, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez to provide cases of glass-bottled water from their own taps (tagline: "It's just like your water, only famous."). A $5 donation puts you in the running to win one of the cases, which come with clever descriptions like this one, for Grenier's bottles: "The kindest, most sensitive, best-looking water in the world. And with 95% of the world's water not as attractive, Grenier Tap is a rare treat that also happens to help children." (Via Ecorazzi)

Vincent Kartheiser on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

If you missed Vincent Kartheiser and fellow "Mad Men" actor Rich Sommer talking about the benefits of high speed rail in last week's Funny or Die video, the full video is above. But despite his love for trains, his car-free lifestyle, and giving up kids and toilets, he told carbon calculators still give him a huge footprint because of his professional travel -- which is almost always by airplane. "One of the questions is how much do you fly? So I click on 'Over 20,000 miles,'" he says. "And no matter what configuration I do of all those little other things, I'm always one of the top polluters in the country just because I fly more than 20,000 miles a year. I try not to travel too much other than for work. Because I travel so much for work, I don't want to add more carbon emissions to my life." (Via Vegetarian Star)

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