Bicycle Film Festival 2006


Just like Arnie, the Bicycle Film Festival said it would be back, and it is, bigger than ever. Now gracing the screens of even more cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York and San Francisco. But also heading offshore to London, Milano, Sydney and Tokyo. A DVD of the festival’s flicks and features will be made available too. Last year over 17,000 pedal pushers were said to have queued up for a ticket to celebrate bicycle life, be that art, film, music or performance. For 2006 there will be an art show entitled Joy Ride, a film about five friends cycling for four months from Mongolia to Nepal, a inside look at New York’s bike culture, rare archival footage charting the 30 year history of BMX and where it’s headed today. Plus heaps more. Saddle up. The ride arrives in LA on 21 June. ::Bicycle Film Festival 2006.

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