Bicycle Film Festival 2005

Not only is a bicycle the most efficient means of transport ever devised, it’s now a passport to cultural enrichment. Polish your sneakers, iron your favourite T-shirt, scrub the chain oil off your gloves, so you can be presentable and upstanding for the Fifth Bicycle Film Festival. Hot from sell-out sessions in NY and London, it’s on the move to San Fran. 5 Oct sees an opening party, followed by an art exhibition the next day, as warm ups events for the two day weekend feast of cycling cinema, on 7-8 Oct. Pedal from Mongolia to Nepal, watch Bay Area riders zoom about San Francisco with no brakes and one gear, while a NY bike messenger goes one better and cranks it with one leg. Cruise the history of BMX freestyle, watch mud fly in Cyclocross, wobble as a four year old forgoes her trainer wheels, bomb the hills and streets of SF sans brakes, observe London’s streets from a bikes eye view, get arrested on a Critical Mass event and much more. Sounds like a heap of fun and a brillant way to celebrate human-powered propulsion. Jump the kerb to ::Bicycle Film Festival 05 for all the goss.