Beyonce Surprises Harlem School And Gets Down With Them (Video)

Beyonce Lets Move.jpeg

This video put a big fat smile on my face--pun fully intended. As part of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign, Beyonce busted a move with students at a New York City public school, surprising them during their dance routine to the saucy singer's song "Move Your Body," a reworking of her hit "Get Me Bodied."Beyonce and about 85 students at P.S. 161 in Harlem danced during a national simulcast of the "Let's Move Flash Workout." Beyonce comes into the video at the 1:37 mark.

Last week, Beyonce released a video of the song in which she danced in stiletto heels, doing the running man and other dances to help work up a sweat. One in three American children are overweight, but clearly not for long if Beyonce has anything to say about it.

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