Better By Design: A Guidebook to Biomimicry in Product Design


TreeHugger has long been a big proponent of biomimicry, so were justifiably excited to see this. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has released a guidebook aimed at further promoting and building biomimicry into design-for-the-environment products. The guidebook, "Better by Design: An Innovation Guide," [pdf] presents design for environment and biomimicry principles and product case studies that read like a "Best of TH" laundry list: Steelcase's Think chair, Interface Carpets, DesignTex textiles, ENV bike and Biota water, just to name a few. The guide also includes a sample product attribute flow chart, a method for evaluating human health, ecosystem and resource impacts of materials and processes, and a six page checklist of questions to help focus design groups. Very handy for anyone interested in lifecycle analysis, environmental product design and the like. ::Better By Design via ::Sustainable Practices