Best of Green: Culture & Celebrity (Slideshow)

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Update: Vote now for Best of Show!

Now that the initial voting period has ended, it's time to vote for the 'Best in Show' -- check out the category winners in the Best in Show slideshow, and then click over to Planet Green to View & Vote for your favorites. Voting ends at midnight on April 30, 2009.

Best of Green: Culture & Celebrity
It seems just about every day we hear about a new green initiative bursting out of Hollywood: The celebrities are at it full-force. Then, on the cultural front, powerful green initiatives are slowly sneaking their way into our daily lives. To acknowledge this, we've singled out over 20 honorees earth-crazy enough to earn a Best of Green award in the category of Celebrity & Culture. Don't agree with our picks? Vent in the Forums. And check back for the winners in our other six categories, which will launch throughout the week. Who is the greenest celebrity of them all? What is the best environmental film, tv ad, cultural movement, magazine, social media site, and twitter feed? These and more are addressed in our:

Best of Green: Culture & Celebrity Slideshow

Best of Green Culture Celebrity slideshow
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