Best of 2007: The Top Surveys

This is the latest post in TreeHugger's series about the Best of 2007. More are on the way; stay tuned!

TreeHugger is proud of its carefully crafted, even-handed, fair and balanced surveys set up by our flying squad of statisticians and demographers, giving a true snapshot of the pulse of the nation and the globe. Our most popular ones this year determined by number of participants, all open still and waiting for your further consideration:


1) Hummers or Hikers? ATV website Thumpertalk got hold of this and said "
Skew there poll. These silly treehuggers want to see who rides and who doesn't. Show them we are still the majority." And they did, knocking the numbers off the scale. It's payback time- go sign up for Thumpertalk and tell them what you think.

2) Incandescence vs Fluorescence ? So much passion over an obsolete technology. The poll was in January and much has changed since, but who knew that so many people were going to have their incandescents ripped from their cold dead hands? Or that a ballpoint pen nib sized glob of mercury was the greatest threat since the hydrogen bomb?

3) Do Nukes have a Place in Our Future? A recent Utne Reader article on the rebirth of nukes noted survey results on TreeHugger and Grist, where a majority of the readers on both sites thought nukes did have a place.Yet 500 environmental orgs have said "We do not support construction of new nuclear reactors as a means of addressing the climate crisis." This is a difficult one for us.


4)It was our first survey of the year, asking which resolution suggested by a TreeHugger writer you would want to try. Graham won, with his pledge to "Actually start carrying around a re-usable bag for shopping." Did he succeed? Did you?

5) Who is the Greenest President? Well gee, either a lot of our readers really like George Bush or this poll got swiftboated, but who would have expected such a result? C'mon, TreeHuggers, go back and skew this poll!