Best of 2007: Stories That Made Us Laugh

This is the first in a series of posts looking back at the year that was 2007, from TreeHugger's perspective. Stay tuned!

Though the world of green tends to be a pretty serious place, we found ourselves laughing more than once this past year; some things were genuinely funny, while others got a nervous laugh and a "That's gotta be a joke, right?" (Sadly, that wasn't always the case.) Still, in an effort to not take ourselves too seriously, here are some stories that made us laugh in 2007.


1) We only have three words for you: Mister Splashy Pants. 'Nuff said.

2) Clarins came out with a spray-on mist that can protect us from electromagnetic fields (EMF). Check this out: "If electromagnetic waves can penetrate walls, imagine what they can do to your skin!" According to the packaging you can "Ramp up your skin care regimen with E3p Screen Mist, a new health and beauty treatment that helps protect your skin from all types of known pollutants, including electromagnetic waves." Thank goodness!

3) Climate change denier big-shot Bjorn Lomborg went on The Colbert Report to report his fake global-warming-denial jibber-jabber to the fake news show. So, what do you get when you cross a comedian pretending to report the news with a guy pretending he knows what he's talking about? Watch the video for yourself to get the specifics, but we thought the result was one of the funniest things to be noted on these pages all year long. Two more beneath the fold...


4) Bruce Willis donned a miniature wind turbine for an appearance on David Letterman, making jokes as bad as his acting (ouch!) about renewable energy and Al Gore. Though his dedication to supporting alternative energy and most anything green is about as real as Dave's hair, we're glad 2007 was the year that this sort of thing started popping up in various mainstream media sources.

5) Here's a surefire recipe for laughs: put Ben Affleck in a corn suit, get Matt Damon dressed like a gas pump, convince Jennifer Garner to employ a British accent and put Tobin Bell in front of a camera with "womb juice" on the cue cards (really! And WTF is womb juice?) and it's belly laughs all around. While celebs acting badly is always good for a chuckle, and the over-reaching message -- that we need Congress to mandate cars that get better gas mileage -- is worthwhile, using corn-based ethanol as the flex-fuel crutch is only funny in a very serious way.

What made you chuckle, snort and laugh this year? Leave your favorite funny green stories and anecdotes in the comments section below.

Best of 2007: Stories That Made Us Laugh
Though the world of green tends to be a pretty serious place, we found ourselves laughing more than once this past year; some

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