Best Electric Commuter Scooters


Here is a list of the best electric commuter scooters we could find.

1) Zero Emission Urban Scooter - The ZeUS is a Zero Emission Urban Scooter that will go up to 30 miles on a single charge, and uses regenerative braking to top off the battery.
2) Honda's Seated Electric Scooter – This Honda scooter is designed specifically for in-city commuting, so its weight and size are just right.
3) Electric Folding TricycleThe Rider is an electric folding tricycle that folds up to a size just larger than an umbrella.
4) German Electric Scooter - The E-Max is a Vespa look-a-like that will do 30 mph for 40 miles before needing to recharge.
5) Tiny Electric Scooter- IKOO is a cute, contemporary scooter that'll get you there and back in style.
6) Large Seated Electric Scooter - EVT's Z-20 is a beefier, zippier upgrade from its older versions.