Berkeley's Foodies Go to the Movies: SAFE Food and Farming Film Festival


TreeHugger loves inspiring film footage about sustainable food and farming. We’ve previously brought you a mini-movie about permaculture in the Middle East, and TreeHugger TV has aired episodes on How to Buy Green Produce, How to Find Green Fish, and even Edible Estates. However, while watching these videos in the comfort of your home may be one thing, there is something wonderful about getting together to watch on the big screen, and interacting with real live people afterwards. We were pleased then, to hear about the Food and Farming Film Festival being run in Berkeley, California by SAFE (Society for Agriculture and Food Ecology). By the looks of things, a full and varied program is on offer over the next few months, so go along and check it out if you’re in the neighborhood. Just remember to bring the local, organic popcorn. Screenings include:
September 11 Harvest of Shame and Broken Limbs
With panelists: Christopher Cook (author, Diet for a Dead Planet); Ann Lopez ( Farmworkers Journey); Jason Mark (farmer, journalist), Carey Knecht (Greenbelt Alliance)
Discussion theme: Dislocation in Agricultural landscapes, sprawl, immigration and crisis.

Oct. 11 Our Daily Bread and We Feed the World
With San Fransico area breadbakers: Steve Sullivan (founder Acme Breads); Julie Cummins (CUESA) Eric , (Phoenix Pastaficio) Celine, (Brickmaiden Breads)
Moderated by Renato Sardo (ex. President of Slow Food International) .
Discussion theme: local vs. global: the divergence of food culture.

Oct. 16 Fed Up; Fowl; Pollen Nation and Islands at Risk (four short films)
With panelists: Singeli Agnew+ Josh Fisher (filmmakers); Angelo Sacerdote (film-maker); Claire Kremen (bee expert); Renata Brillinger (Cal GE Free)
Discussion theme: Bees, transgenics and the prospects for pastoralism.

Oct. 24 The Power of Coummunity and Crude Awakening
With Panelists: Monica Moore (Pesticide Action Network, North America) and Miguel Altieri (Prof. of AgroEcology, UC Berkeley) Willow Rosenthal (City Slickers Farms) Antonio Roman-Alcala (Allemany Farm)
Discussion theme: What will Agriculture look like post-peak oil?

Oct. 3O SNEAK PEAK King Corn
With panelists: Michael Pollan (author, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, The Botany of Desire), Aaron Woolf (film maker), Ian Cheney +Curtis Ellis (film stars).
Discussion theme: Corn, farm subsidies, rural communities and the Food Bill.

Nov. 20 Darwin’s Nightmare
With moderator: Michael Watts (Prof. Of African Studies and Geography), Anuradha Mittal (Oakland Institute)
Discussion theme: International politics of food supply and the global commodities trade.

Dec 11. Living on the Wedge and Farming at the Edge
With panelists: Dee Harley (Goat Farmer and Cheesemaker, Pescadero); Jim Montgomery (Green Fairie Urban Farm, Berkeley), Barbara Backus, Goat’s Leap, Carleen+ Joel Weirauch, Weirauch Farm
Discussion theme: Reviving relic farming economies and the role of artisan producers.

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