Ben Stiller and Friends Help Haitian Schoolchildren, John Leguizamo Hits the Streets, and More

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In the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, actor Ben Stiller launched the Haitian School Initiative as part of his Stillerstrong campaign to build immediate, temporary education facilities for children displaced by the quake. He enlisted a handful of his celebrity friends--including Lance Armstrong, Owen Wilson, Robert DeNiro, and Ryan Seacrest--for a series of viral videos that helped raise more than $300,000 for the fund. And now he's gotten even more A-listers on board: Stiller recently merged the Initiative with Artists for Peace and Justice, and brought in the Global Philanthropy Group for daily management of the project. Artists for Peace and Justice, founded by Paul Haggis, has raised more than $6 million for Haiti relief efforts; now Stiller joins the organization's Board of Directors, supported by an advisory board that includes Javier Brdem, Maria Bello, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Charlize Theron, Daniel Craig, and Jackson Browne (among others).

John Leguizamo's Eco-Friendly Ride

Video via CNN

Actor John Leguizamo has the clout to show up places in a limo, but as he told CNN this week, he prefers two wheels to four: The performer is a big fan of bicycling, and travels New York City on his bike on a daily basis. And while it's not always easy--one of his bikes was stolen when he chained it to a removable pole, and he's constantly on the lookout for "kamikaze cabs, buses, tourists, people from New Jersey. A Jersey plate will always try to cut you off for sure"--he says the health and environmental benefits are well worth it: "We all want to lower our carbon footprint, and this is one of the great ways, reduce pollution, reduce traffic, reduce noise pollution, improve your heart with reduced stress. When you're out there, it makes you friendlier...I usually get to places with a lot of great energy and a lot more relaxed."

Ellen Pompeo's Healthy Baby Steps

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Image via Reader's Digest Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo is joining the ranks of celebrity moms--Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Nicole KIdman--who are putting their babies on a green path with organic, unprocessed food. Pompeo told People that she makes much of 7-month-old Stella Luna's food herself, using techniques she learned from her grandmothers in Boston, who grew much of their own food. "I was never a person who was introduced to junk food," she says--and she has the same plans for Stella, even when it comes to kid-friendly cereals. "I haven't given her Cheerios yet but if she does, she would have organic oats instead."

Adrian Grenier's SHFT Comes to L.A.

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Photo via Interview magazine Entourage actor--and host of Planet Green's Alter Eco--Adrian Grenier partnered with film producer Peter Glatzer for the SHFT sustainable shopping website and pop-up stores in New York; this month, the site goes west with a two-week shopping experience in Los Angeles' historic Continental Building. The combination art gallery/boutique is scheduled to run from May 13-May 26, displaying works from West-Coast artists Tierney Gearon, Lauren Bon, Jay Mark Johnson, and others, according to the LA TImes, alongside the sustainable decor, furniture, and accessories that SHFT sells online.

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