Ben & Jerry's new 'ice cream Tesla' will deliver free scoops during climate tour

Ben & Jerry's ice cream Tesla
© Ben & Jerry's

What's better than a free scoop of Ben & Jerry's ice cream? Free scoops delivered by an ice cream Tesla, along with a healthy topping of climate activism, that's what.

As part of Ben & Jerry's year-long Save our Swirled campaign, which seeks to inspire more people around the world to support the global climate movement, the iconic ice cream company will be ditching the conventional ice cream truck in favor of a customized emissions-free Tesla.

Ben & Jerry's wants to convert 500,000 fans into climate activists through a partnership with Avaaz, and one method of reaching those people will be through taking their custom ice cream Tesla on a climate tour, where along with free ice cream, the company will also give out info about cutting carbon emissions.

"It’s no secret that manmade carbon pollution is spinning out of control, and the Save Our Swirled Tour is one of many ways Ben & Jerry’s is hoping to have a positive impact. The time for action on this issue is now, and 2015 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for turning around our climate future. In the words of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon: “We are the last generation that can fight climate change. We have a duty to act." - Ben & Jerry's

By removing the back seat from the Tesla, enough room was made to fit a row of freezers capable of storing 1500 servings of ice cream, which will enable the company to deliver an "activism meets product sampling" experience to people along the route. The Save Our Swirled tour's first stop will be in San Diego during the first week of April and then go on to take the climate message (and free ice cream!) on a cross-country tour that will rack up thousands of (emissions-free) miles.

The ice cream Tesla is currently in NYC before heading to San Diego:

The final tour dates and locations have not been posted yet, but will soon be available at the Ben & Jerry's climate tour page, where you'll also find lots of great info about climate justice. You can also follow along on Twitter with @BenJerrysTour to get the latest info.

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