Ben & Jerry's Climate Change College

ccc_logo.jpgAre you an 18-30 year-old from the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland or Germany who believes that ice caps, like ice cream, are best kept frozen? Then you may want to consider applying to one of the most unique and selective learning experiences we've seen, Ben & Jerry's Climate Change College. This six-month, part-time program is looking for six people willing to complete the course of study, including a ten-day field trip to Greenland, in order to become ambassador's for the World Wildlife Fund's Powerswitch Campaign. The College is accepting applications for year two of its program, and will accept two applicants from Great Britain, two from the Netherlands, and one each from Ireland and Germany.Even if you're not in a position to commit to six months of study and travel, the College's web site provides a wealth of information on the topic of climate change, as well as videos, photographs and blogs from the first class' experiences. The mission each student takes from his our her study: create a compelling story of his/her experiences to share with others, and to tell that story enough to 1) make capitalism care, or to make businesses see the profit incentive in addressing climate change, and 2) make governments listen by empowering many other citizens with the information they need to communicate effectively with their leaders.

If you're interested in applying, the College is accepting online applications through October 10th, and, yes, you do have to write an essay. Applicants accepted for Phase Two will have to write a sample press release, and complete an online profile test. The chosen applicants begin their coursework on with online training modules in January and February of 2007, and a live pre-training event takes place in London in late March. Those not chosen or who can't commit to the college's rigorous program can become e-campaigners for the WWF's program. :: Ben & Jerry's Climate Change College via Climate Change Action and


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