Bello Mundo Introduces the "Carbon Comparator"


We've discussed multiple services available that will allow you to offset the carbon emissions produced by flying -- just enter the number of miles you're traveling, and pay for the offsets. The "sus travel" experts at Bello Mundo magazine have now introduced their own carbon calculator for air travel, but with a slight twist. Rather than providing users with a price to pay for offsets, Bello Mundo's "comparator" shows how travelers can offset those carbon emissions by adjusting activities in their daily lives. According to magazine co-founder Joe Hayhow,

Because a ton of CO2 is not something you tend to bump into everyday, we decided to put together a carbon calculator that illustrates the impact of flying in real terms, enabling people to actively reduce their carbon footprint themselves. Our comparator lets you know how to make carbon reductions in your day to day life equivalent to the emissions of your flight. ...

Unlike all the other carbon calculators we've come across, ours does not ask for a monetary donation to offset your guilt; it simply challenges you to remove the equivalent emissions produced by your flight from other areas of your lifestyle. That way you know what gases you are producing, when and where.

The comparator is simple to use: just enter the number of miles you'll be flying, and it spits back a variety of ways to offset your emissions. You can then choose to offset your flight with changed lightbulbs, a bike ride in place of driving, use of renewable power, or other options. While we're guessing many will still like the convenience of paying for offsets, Bello Mundo's cool little tool lets users see the various ways they can keep their CO2 output low, whether flying or not. ::Bello Mundo's Carbon Comparator