Bella Gaia: A Personal Connection With Our Planet

Kenji Williams is in Tokyo this week with his amazing Bella Gaia presentation. This video is from the digital planetarium at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, filmed using HD cameras and fisheye lenses. Kenji Williams on the violin with KaChun Yu running the visualizations. Because we all need a reminder of just how beautiful our planet really is.

kenji williams gaia photo

From the website:

Bella Gaia (Beautiful Earth) is a project inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life changing experience of viewing the Earth from Space. Expressing the deeply moving beauty of planet Earth through the eyes of an astronaut, Bella Gaia is a 'Living Atlas' journey through the world, visiting our natural wonders, cultures, and places. Establishing an emotional and personal connection with our planet is what is missing in the "Eco" & "Green" movement, because no matter how much information we hear about the problems on planet Earth, it is human nature that if we do not *feel* something, we will not *do* something.

In Tokyo, the presentation is held at Hoku Topia Planetarium, with Takayuki Ohira's MegaStar system.If you like Kenji William's music, here is a video from his live show at the Nagisa Festival in Japan!

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