Beijing Green Drinks Returns, We Rejoice

TreeHugger loves Green Drinks, and we are excited to report that Beijing loves them, too! The first ever Beijing Green Drinks, held last month, was a resounding success. More than 100 people showed up to rock the Stone Boat Bar with green-tinted talk, including people from government (China's State Environmental Protection Administration was represented), from NGOs, and from the private sector. Organizer Jenny Chu is looking to turn Beijing Green Drinks into a regular monthly event, and the second one will again be held on the second Tuesday of the month. So if you're living in Beijing - or if you can make it here for the [social] good time this promises to be - come out to the Stone Boat Bar for round two: Tuesday, May 8th, 7-9 pm.

If you're not in Beijing and can't make it here (we wouldn't want you to have to fly in), and if you don't have a Green Drinks in your town, why not start one? For more info and tips on how to get a Green Drinks going, and to find out if yours is one of the 223 cities where the concept has already taken off, check out the website. Photo courtesy of Brian Chang.

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