Behold, The Urban Scavenger's Treasure Map:


Last week, after finding some beautiful wooden CD racks in the trash (one still in shrinkwrap), I was mumbling how the adage "seek and ye shall find" could easily be changed to "seek in the garbage and ye shall find." Ever since high school, when I would cruise the Boston suburbs following trash night around the city, seeking and finding glorious cast-aside artifacts, I have trusted in curbs and dumpsters to provide no end of worldly wonders (including the office chair I currently sit in). Well, technology has just raised the bar for dumpster-divers. Garbagescout is a website that allows people to post and retrieve great groundscores around New York. From your phone, you snap a shot of some good looking item in the garbage, email it to Garbagescout with the location and description, and it is posted on a Google map that others can browse. The freshest sightings are demarcated with a flaming garbage can. Dive in! :: Garbagescout via Inhabitat