Been Frog Watchin' Lately?

Well, if you’ve been out frog watching and found one bigger than this kid did I don’t mind telling you that I would be stunned… I mean really, this is a VERY large frog! But kids all over may just be able to top him because they’re out watching frogs as part of the National Wildlife Federations program called Frogwatch USA. In fact, it’s a program that gives kids of all ages the opportunity to help scientists conserve amphibians by spending as little as 20 minutes a week collecting essential information to help protect frogs and toads. It’s an ongoing program managed by NWF in conjunction with the US Geological Survey that aims to increase public awareness of the decline of amphibious species while giving everyone a chance to be directly involved in gathering the information that hopefully will lead to very real and practical ways to save these species from their long-term decline. So for the frog-lovers out there in TreeHuggerville, you can help make a difference as it warms up this spring by downloading the forms, grabbing a net, your kids, and maybe some of their friends too before heading out to Frogwatch. Who knows, one of you may even be lucky enough to find a giant like his!