Become a Scottish Lord or Lady for $49.99

Have you always wanted to indulge your inner Downton Abbey fantasy, but didn't have the landed property to do so? Are you seeking the perfect present for the poseur princess in your life? Have you grown tired of your mail-order ministership and dream of a new novelty title to behold? Look no further.

To the potential dismay of Ladies and Lords across the Scottish highlands, the awesome land conservation organization, Highland Titles, is selling 'souvenir plots' on its estate in Glencoe Wood – granting the legal use of the Scottish title of Laird, Lord or Lady. But here's the thing; this isn't just a goofy gimmick. The title may have loads of novelty appeal, but it's all for a very noble cause.

Many, many centuries of industry and farming have pretty much decimated most of Scotland's forests – in fact, only 1 percent of the native woodland is all that remains. Highland Titles had the royal brainstorm to sell small plots of land to help fund the rescuing of woodlands, tree planting, maintenance and acquisition of land at risk of development – guaranteeing that it cannot be purchased or developed. Plot sizes range from one square foot to 1,000 square feet. Prices start at $49.99.

So you get a fancy title and a bit of land gets protected. But wait, there's more! When buying a one-square-foot plot, the new Lord or Lady will also receive:

  • The title of Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe
  • A high quality, full color, gift folder containing all your documents
  • A legal title deed for land ownership, on velum parchment
  • Master Title Deed to change your title on bank accounts, driving license and other ID
  • A map of Glencoe Wood and directions as well as instructions on how to visit and find your personal plot (you can even camp on it, if you want)
  • Information and pictures of the area, Glencoe Wood and the conservation project.
  • A bumper sticker for you to proudly display your new status (Laird, Lord or Lady)

"We have created a new approach to raising funds to support the restoration of destroyed woodlands and preservation of land at risk for development," said Stephen Rossiter, marketing director, of Highland Titles. "It is imperative that we conserve our remaining forests and replace trees that have been lost for the sake of biodiversity, wildlife, carbon sequestration and the enjoyment of future generations. Extending the Scottish tradition of a descriptive title such as Laird, Lord or Lady is just great fun."

To purchase your very own Lord/Ladyship, visit Highland Titles.

Become a Scottish Lord or Lady for $49.99
While at the same time supporting conservation for land at risk of development.

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