Become an Eco-Leader With Colin Beavan and the No Impact Project's Free Training

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In 2007, Colin Beavan began an experiment. The question was: Can one family survive a year in New York City without creating a net-impact on the environment. Since then, this simple question has spawned an entire movement, organized around the No Impact Project.

Now, the No Impact Project is taking the next step in spreading the word: Inviting individuals to an all-expenses-paid training seminar—with the No Impact Man himself—to create a new generation of No Impact Week organizers.No Impact Week is described as an "immersive, educational weeklong experiment in low impact living"—and, with the right leadership, it can be used as a tool for building an environmentally conscious, action-oriented community.

The entire weekend at the Lifebridge Sanctuary in Upstate New York is free—the only obligation is that participants must promise to organize three No Impact Week events over the course of the next year.

Applications are due by November 15, 2010, so head over to the website and start filling out the paperwork today.

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