Beautiful View of a Ringworld, the Ultimate in Geoengineering (Video)

ringworld image

Screengrab from YouTube video

What if we were to geoengineer a ring around the sun, specifically for human habitation? What would that look like? Artist Simon Terrey decided to visualize it for us. Check out the video animation of planet Earth as a ring around the sun.

Sure, it's even less realistic than colonizing other planets after we've ravaged this one, but it's still an interesting concept to imagine. And author Larry Niven has done just that, writing a science fiction novel in 1970 titled Ringworld which won a Hugo, a Nebula and a Locus award.

In his novel, "Ringworld turns out to be an awesome sight: a huge, circular strip of land, teeming with life and with entire oceans bigger than Earth. Between the Ringworld and its star, a series of squares (dubbed shadow squares by the expedition) are suspended in another ring, revolving around the sun slower than the Ringworld itself, thus providing the artificial world below with a day/night cycle."

Considering the rapid changes we need to make in our daily lives to ensure that we can survive on planet Earth, it's no wonder the imaginations of everyone from Niven to James Cameron expand to create new planets for us to move to. The idea of a Ringworld is certainly interesting.

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