Beautiful Artwork from Reclaimed Cardboard

mark langan artwork photo

Photos via Mark Langan

Mark Langan is an artist whose medium is the cardboard boxes tossed by his neighbors. The corrugated edges create a surprisingly intriguing texture and flow the pieces, and make sidewalk-bound boxes worth saving.

Mark langan cardboard artwork photo

Langan states:
My personal interpretation to the term "Corrugated Art" is the celebration of the unique properties of a highly visible manufactured product for which it was not purportedly intended. Striving to artistically focus by highlighting those aesthetically characteristic qualities which otherwise would be unknowingly ignored.

mark langan artwork from cardboard photo

Creating both art pieces as well as corporate signage out of recycled boxes, Langan makes 3-dimensional art that is 100% unique. He uses only found corrugated boxes, non-toxic glue, a razor knife, a cutting edge and mat to create his pieces, making him an artist with an incredibly low carbon footprint.

Check out Mark Langan's website for more cool art pieces, as well as how to get a corporate logo done in "corrugated."

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