Beating the Heat: Yet Another List


New York DIY website SuperNaturale agrees that air conditioning is an energy wasting scourge and does it's ten best ways to beat the heat without air conditioning. Some are difficult- "find a well-sited abode" which isn't something that people do every day but is a sensible thing to remember when you next move- "ask yourself, does this house or apartment get a cross breeze? Does it have ceiling fans? Is there a way to keep this place cool with curtains? That is the place you want to live." Some are tasty: Cook outside. "In ye olden days houses would have separate "summer kitchens" to keep the main house cooler during the day. Now we have barbeques. Use that grill, eat cold foods or eat out." Some are weird. "Shower in your underwear. I take a shower in my underwear before going to bed and the cold wet underwear would be unpleasant under other circumstances is great for the dog days of summer." Seven more at ::Supernaturale via ::Apartment Therapy

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