Beach Butts Scarier Than Sharks, Survey Says

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Summer time is beach time, if you can find the time. And if you're not too frightened to show off your winter/spring body. It turns out more people are frightened of finding discarded bottles and cigarette butts than they are of being eaten by sharks at the beach. East Coast beaches also are better than West Coast beaches. Not to fan the flames of an East Coast-West Coast war. These statements come from the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project. A survey was commissioned by Barefoot Wine and the Surfrider Foundation.

Some take-away messages:

The East Coast has the best beaches, a subjective category, with 37 percent of people voting East Coast, 36 percent West Coast and 27 percent Gulf Coast. We know which direction the Gulf Coast numbers are going.

Three-quarters of those surveyed gave America's beaches a "C" for cleanliness. Not as good as an "A" for awesome.

Pollution is the "scariest beach threat." Thirty-seven percent of people surveyed said they're more likely to stay out of the water due to pollution, versus 33 percent for sharks.

The most-common types of litter reported: Plastic bottles, followed by cigarette butts and plastic bags. And litter is the most offensive beach behavior, above loud music, smoking and "taking up too much space," according to the 1,000 American beachgoers surveyed from Feb. 12-19.

One final message from the survey: Pick up your trash, or your neighbor's trash if necessary. Maybe shame can save the slobs.

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