Be my green Valentine

Somebody has finally figured out a real use for the Little Printer: what everyone always wanted, a valentine on thermal paper. Perhaps the TreeHugger team needs something like this to remind us of the holidays, because we kind of forgot about it this year. So here is a roundup of posts from Valentine's days past, when we were younger and more romantic.

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10 Healthy Aphrodisiac Foods to Eat Before Bedtime

Valentine's day is not the only day to go to bed early: These 10 reputed aphrodisiacs will boost your bedroom experience to a whole new realm any night of the year. The health benefits will do your body good even out of the bedroom, including lowering cholesterol and increasing healthy fats. More in TreeHugger

4 Ways to Avoid the Hidden Evils of Valentine’s Day

How bad can chocolate, flowers and jewelry be? Showing your loved ones you care with the conventional route of gifts can have seriously negative environmental and ethical consequences from blood diamonds to child labor. More in TreeHugger

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What We Love: TreeHugger's Picks for Valentine's Day

The TreeHugger staff often gets really excited about savvy green things. Sometimes too excited. But what better day to gush our love for green initiatives, products, and lifestyle changes than Valentine's Day? From high speed rail to aerated water, the perfect LED bulb, USB-powered bike lights, and chic recycled shoes, here are some things we get all sappy in love about. More in TreeHugger

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10 Great Green Gifts for Valentine's Day

We have no problem getting on board a holiday that's all about love, but love based on commercialism? That's a different story -- and no matter how much you care, that super-sized ruby-red plush heart with the cupid arrow shooting through it is just going to be exiled into a dark corner the closet. More in TreeHugger

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2011: Sweet on Earth

You could tell your loved one that Valentine's Day is one of the most commercial holidays of the year -- a day dedicated to consumerism, over-consumption, and senseless spending on over-priced heart-shaped boxes of carbon-footprint-heavy chocolate. But you could also end up sleeping on the couch. More in TreeHugger

Be my green Valentine
Where we recycle and repurpose the best of our Valentine's Day posts from the past.