Be creative and score a Prius

We’ve been going on and on about the Toyota Prius, to the point where you probably wish you had one, so you could blithly pass by our rabid enthusiasm. Well, have we got a deal or you! A free Prius, no less. And there is surprising little fine print or pixel. Just wander over the competition site of the New American Dream (NAD). Give them your 10 best words, to promote hybrid vehicles and the Prius is yours. That is, of course, so long as your slogan is the one grand prize winning entry. After you have entered, have a cruise around their site. Ooodles of intriguing information and projects happening. With this particular one, NAD want to “push automakers to speed up their production of energy-efficient hybrid cars, saving the US money, sparing our environment, and reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil. “ To be fair to those avoiding cars altogether they had a bicycle draw happening as well. ::New American Dream [by WM]