Be A Better Environmental Jew


Is there ancient wisdom in the bible that can help direct us to being better moral people in the face of environmental threats? Some believe there is. Take for example Shaul Judelman who has started a Torah learning center in the heart of Jerusalem that connects people of the book to modern-day environmental thought. We are going to post about Shaul and some of his new projects in the coming months (granted that he agrees) and talk about ways that people can look to ancient wisdom to tackle present-day dilemmas.

What to expect at Shaul's Eco-Activist learning center? In-depth study of Jewish texts will give students the opportunity to explore and integrate the spiritual and practical dimensions of land use, pollution, ethical treatment of animals, environmental responsibility and consumerism, one site says. Want to fix the world? The center advertises that one can learn to do so on the personal, national and collective levels. For those interested in the Eco-Activist Beit Midrash, book your carbon-offset flight now. The next two-week session in English begins in January. For some more eco-Jewish holiday stuff, click here (Sukkot) and here (Rosh Hashanna). ::Eco-Activist