BBC Unveils Awesome Frozen Planet Trailer - Series Will Tackle Climate Change (Video)

Holy sh!t. I just watched the trailer for Frozen Planet, the latest nature doc collaboration between the BBC and the Discovery Channel, and it gave me chills. As in, I saw the brief, pixelated, jumpy YouTube teaser, and there they were--full-on chills. Full disclosure, obviously: TreeHugger is owned by Discovery. But I had nothing to do with the making of this film, nor was I aware that it even existed until I watched the trailer over at io9.

I will say that it's high time for a couple breathtaking documentaries about the Arctic and the Antarctic ...... seeing as how they're two of the world's regions most threatened with drastic change thanks to the ol' planet warming up thing. And that nobody in America really seems to give a crap about it. Perhaps these David Attenborough-narrated short films will act as a much more visceral, less controversial Inconvenient Truth.

See, at least one of the films will deal directly with the impact climate change is having on not just the poles, but the world in general. From the BBC:

Sir David authors On Thin Ice, the seventh film of the series, which explores the effects of climate change on the polar regions and the lengths that scientists are going to, to understand it. Some regions, like the Antarctic Peninsula, have warmed significantly in the years since Sir David first visited them. He explores what this means, not just for the animals and people of the polar regions, but for the whole planet.
Obviously, I have high hopes for this. People haven't been able to take their eyes off the previous installments of Blue Earth and Planet Earth in Discovery and BBC's doc series, and there's plenty of reason to believe they won't be able to keep their eyes of this one, either. And you never know, folks might learn a thing or two about this world-class predicament we're in that hardly makes the evening news anymore ...

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