BBC Documentary: Planet Earth


If you ever start to forget why you are a treehugger, please watch the Planet Earth documentary series by the BBC. It has made me - if such a thing is possible - even more passionate about protecting all the different forms of life and ecosystems on our planet, and I've only watched the first episode. It is: "The most ambitious factual series ever commissioned by the BBC and a breathtaking exploration of our world." It doesn't address environmental issues directly, but there's no time for that as the camera moves rapidly from pole to pole in search of natural magnificence. But not mentioning environmental problems isn't really a downside because anybody who watches these films can't help but fall in love with our wonderful planet; there will be other occasions to learn more about the ugliness of pollution and habitat destruction. These films are certainly a good starting point to raising awareness and should be showed in schools all over the world. If you have the chance, please see these movies (preferably with your non-treehugger friends and family). Thanks to Øystein H-O for the tip. ::BBC - Planet Earth, ::Pre-Order the Book or DVD