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Image source: Planet Green

Sitting at your desk bored at work? Scanning TH for the 15th time today while waiting for your TPS report to print out? Heres something you and the whole office gang can get into - the Battleground Earth Lightbulb Game. Its just you and a fleet of lightbulbs - think Atari's Asteroids game- and its your mission to rid the world of those nasty lightbulbs. A word to the wise, shoot ahead of where the bulb is going if you want even a "shot" at hitting them. How to hit the green/red ones? Now that takes skill and I've got no clue. The smashing lightbulb sound effects are really addicting, almost as much as this game is.

There are even secret effects loaded in like "rapid-fire" gun where basically you have a machine gun set on automatic and can really take down some lightbulbs. If you have a mouse you can really do some damage - it takes a little more skill if you're working with a mousepad. Top scores are posted at the end of each game. Shooting lightbulbs in the desert? Not eco-friendly. Shooting virtual lightbulbs in the desert? You're on! You can check out the real Battleground Earth and find out a few more eco-friendly tips at Planet Green.BattleGround Earth Lightbulb Game
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