Battleground Earth Gets Wild (Not Wet) at the Car Wash

battleground earth car wash photo

You might not see girls in thongs getting all hot and sudsy as they wash down corvettes (a la 90’s-style music videos), but you will see another sort of car wash going down in an episode of Planet Green’s Battleground Earth—a waterless car wash that is.

Is it true? Have Tommy Lee and Luda traded in their bad boy ways and cute music video girls for a responsible, greener way of life where water conservation becomes sexier than lathered up babes? Find out after the jump!(We have a feeling they can have the best of both worlds but revealing too much would be a spoiler so tune in to find out!) What we can reveal though is a little more behind-the-scenes product info that will help you save mileage and money while keeping your hybrid sparkly and clean.

It’s called Lucky Earth Waterless Car Wash. Packaged in conventional looking spray bottles, the cleanser is unconventional in that is doesn’t require water to give your car a good, clean bath nor does it create harmful fumes and toxic residues. The ingredients are environmentally safe; VOC and paraben free and contain organic soaps/surfactants.

If the rock/rap duo uses the water-free wash to spiff up their giant tour bus, we imagine it would work well on a smaller vehicle. Why not give it a try? A 32 oz. bottle of their Car Wash is $16.99. Even greener? Their Bike Wash, which comes in a 16 oz. bottle for $9.99.

To see who wins the challenge to go green(er), check out Battleground Earth, Thursdays at 8pm on TLC.

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